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Enlightening Management Consultants Inc. is a sole practitioner consulting firm whose owner is an experienced scholar/practitioner.

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Enlightening Management Consultants Inc.

Customized Solutions
Improvement in an organization’s performance and ultimate profitability often requires the leadership’s willingness to obtain help in examining and understanding the organization’s culture, socio-technical systems, and behavioral processes.

Understanding the organization as a unique entity, while designing and implementing change strategies that address those unique factors is what will drive sustainable change.

Enlightening Management Consultants will never apply a canned approach to how an organization is assessed and the assistance that is recommended. The education, training, and experience of Enlightening Management Consultants are why recommended assessments and change strategies are always customized to the uniqueness of each organization.

The Highest Level of Professionalism and Integrity
An important guiding praxis of Enlightening Management Consultants has always been to work with the highest level of integrity in every engagement.

If we cannot help you or do not believe there to be an appropriate commitment from the organization, Enlightening Management Consultants, Inc., will respectfully decline the engagement. We have and never will look to put band-aid solutions on issues that require committed systemic change.

Pro Bono Services
We can and do give back to our communities and have a deep commitment to global change.

Areas of Consulting Expertise

Dr. Robinson-Easley helps clients better understand, manage, and benefit from whole systems change, leadership development, diversity training, intercultural management, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and much more.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Enlightening Management Consultants is a leading management and organizational change consulting firm that has been servicing success-driven clients in the corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors for more than 20 years.

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