Enlightening Management Consultants Inc.

Enlightening Managements Consultants Inc. is a unique consulting firm. The consulting team is comprised of individuals who are practitioners and scholars in their respective fields. They are internationally recognized for staying on the cutting edge of change management.

Meet Dr. Christopher Anne Robinson-Easley (also known as Christopher Anne Easley and/or Chris Easley)

Dr. Robinson-Easley is the founder of Enlightening Management Consultants, Inc., and the lead consultant. She spent over 20 years in management and directorship positions in the corporate business sector and 22 years in higher education in faculty and administrative roles. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Relations both from Loyola University Chicago and a Ph.D. in Organization Development from Benedictine University. Dr. Robinson-Easley has also completed course work towards a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary.

She has extensively consulted and presented on and researched and published in the areas of management, human resource management and organization development with a special focus on issues that stretch the social fabric of this country. Her research and consulting work has been presented throughout the United States, Europe and in the French West Indies, where she also teaches intercultural management.

She has written and published 4 books since 2012. Each of her books, published by international academic publishing houses, address pressing global issues. As a scholar and practitioner, Dr. Robinson-Easley has had to stay on the cutting edge of new theories and developments when looking to create deep systemic change. The receptivity of her theories, evaluations, and ability to effectively convey her propositions in written and oral contexts on a global level are represented by her extensive peer-reviewed publications, invitations to speak, invited publications and the top national and international university and public libraries that made the choice to house her books.

In addition to consulting, Dr. Robinson-Easley is also an international speaker. Her areas of expertise include business growth, contemporary issues, diversity and intercultural management, leadership, personal growth and youth violence. To request a booking for Dr. Robinson-Easley, contact: here.

You can view her curriculum vitae here.


Meet Dortha Brown, Senior Consultant

Mrs. Dortha Brown has over thirty years of leadership and management experience in healthcare research, business, education , and career counseling, and thirty two years of experience as a community activist. Her interests and entrepreneurial experiences include 25 years in social service management and academic and career counseling for teens and adults. Since 2009, she has worked as the number two person in Enlightening Management Consultants Inc.

Her educational background includes a MBA in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration.

You can view her resume here.


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